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Alligator & Alligator II: The Mutation (1980 - 1991) Limited Edition (4K UHD + 3 Blu-ray)

Alligaattori /

Ohjaus Lewis Teague

Pääosissa  Robert Forster, Robin Riker, Joseph Bologna

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4K UHD + 3 Blu-ray julkaisu.

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101 Films presents cult classic creature feature Alligator (1980) on 4K UHD, along with the TV cut and 1991 sequel Alligator II: The Mutation (1991) on Blu-ray, title 033 on the 101 Films Black Label. Packed with interviews with cast and crew, this limited-edition release is packaged in a rigid box with brand new artwork and includes a limited-edition booklet with new writing on the films.

A B-movie masterpiece, Alligator remains a standout picture from the post 70s creature feature boom, with surprising depth and an overtly critical take on the inaction on environmental issues of the time that is still relevant today. Its lesser-known sequel Alligator II: The Mutation, follows a similar path to its predecessor with a more comedic and knowing undertone in true B-movie fashion.

Alligator: From Director Lewis Teague (Cujo) and screenwriter John Sayles (The Howling) comes an unstoppable thriller with bite. A family returning from Florida decides their pet baby alligator is too much to handle and flushes him down the toilet. Meanwhile, Slade Laboratories is conducting secret experiments with animals and disposing of them in the sewer. The alligator, fending for itself, begins to feed on the dead animals, and grows. Now, twelve years later, after several mysterious murders, David Madison (Robert Forster, Jackie Brown) is on the case to find out who ... or what … is killing people.


Theatrical cut (4K & Blu-ray)

Alternate TV cut (Blu-ray)

Everybody In the Pool – An interview with actress Robin Riker

Wild In the Streets – An interview with director Lewis Teague

It Walks Among Us – An interview with screenwriter John Sayles

Luck Of the Gator – An interview with special makeup effects artist Robert Short

Gator Guts, The Great River, and Bob – An Interview with Bryan Cranston

Additional Scenes from The TV Version

Teaser Trailer

Theatrical Trailer

TV Spots

Alligator II - The Mutation: Deep in the sewers beneath the city of Regent Park, a baby alligator feeds on the experimental animals discarded by Future Chemicals Corporation. Nourished by the toxic growth hormones and other mutating chemicals, the gator grows immense in size ... and voracious in appetite. Now, it must kill to survive. It’s a classic confrontation between man and beast. This sequel to the classic thriller Alligator stars Joseph Bologna (Transylvania 6-5000), Steve Railsback (Lifeforce), Dee Wallace (The Howling). Richard Lynch (Bad Dreams) and Kane Hodder (Jason X).


From The Echo Lake Lagoon – An Interview with Director Jon Hess

Dead In the Water – An Interview with Special Effects Coordinator John Eggett

Cutting With Teeth – An Interview with Editor Marshall Harvey

Becoming The Hunted – An Interview with Actor Kane Hodder

Blood Brothers – An Interview with Second Unit Director Eugene Hess

Theatrical Trailer

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