The Wages of Fear (1953) (Blu-ray + DVD)


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Le salaire de la peur / Pelon palkka

Ohjaus Henri-Georges Clouzot

Pääosissa  Yves MontandCharles VanelPeter van Eyck 

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THE WAGES OF FEAR (Dual Format Edition) 
A film by Henri-Georges Clouzot

Critically hailed upon its original release, The Wages of Fear has maintained its reputation as a classic of world cinema and was responsible for propelling its director Henri-Georges Clouzot to international fame.

Based on the 1950 French novel La Salaire de la Peur the film tells the story of an oil well in a South American village which is owned by an American Company. The well catches fire and the company quickly hires four desperate European men, to drive two trucks loaded with highly volatile nitro-glycerine needed to extinguish the flames

Clouzot's deft ability to flit between tense dialogue and flashbacks allows the audience to become intimately acquainted with the four drivers before switching in the second half to a nail-biting, goosebump inducing thriller. The film brought Clouzot international fame and he went to direct les Diaboliques, the film which cemented his reputation as a French Hitchcock.

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