The Spider's Web (1960) Blu-ray AVOIN


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Ohjaus  Godfrey Grayson

Pääosissa  Glynis JohnsJohn JustinJack Hulbert

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The Spider's Web is a 1960 British murder mystery farce directed by Godfrey Grayson and starring Glynis Johns, John Justin, Peter Butterworth, Cicely Courtneidge and Jack Hulbert. An adaptation of the play by Agatha Christie, this classic who done it, set in the traditional country house, follows the appearance and then disappearance of a dead body. The household of Diplomat Henry Hailsham-Brown and wife Clarissa (Glynis Johns) are thrown into turmoil, as each character suspects that another is guilty of the murder and endeavours to cover it up from Police Inspector Lord (Peter Butterworth, star of the Carry On series of British films) who has the unenviable job of unravelling their various ham fisted deceptions and solving the mystery.

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