Berlin Alexanderplatz - Remastered (5 Blu-ray)


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Ohjaus Rainer Werner Fassbinder

Pääosissa Günter Lamprecht, Dragomir Stanojevic-Bata Kameni ja Claus Holm

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Legendaarinen tv-sarja Berlin Alexanderplatz saa vihdoin ansaitsemansa käsittelyn

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Franz Biberkopf is an unforgettable man: his tender, good natured side contradicted by moments of shocking violence. Released from prison following a four year sentence for the manslaughter of his girlfriend, he plans to make a new start and a decent life for himself. But a chaotic, decadent Berlin of the 20's is not the easiest place for an ex-con to go straight and work is hard to come by. When Franz becomes fascinated by Reinhold, a psychotic small-time crook, he is soon drawn back into a world he cannot escape. 

Fassbinder's staggering 15 1/2 hour epic is a monument of late 20th-century filmmaking and considered to be the director's masterpiece. Following a massive restoration project overseen by the original editor, it is now available for the first time on DVD.

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