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Family Values: Three Films by Hirokazu Kore-eda (2011 - 2016) (3 Blu-ray)

Kiseki (2011) / Soshite chichi ni naru (2013) - Isänsä poika / Umi yori mo mada fukaku (2016)

Ohjaus Hirokazu Kore-eda

Pääosissa  Kôki MaedaOhshirô MaedaMasami Nagasawa

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One of Japan's most internationally celebrated filmmakers working today, Hirokazu Kore-eda is feted by critics and audiences alike. His films often focus on family dynamics and recall the films of masters Yasujiro Ozu and Mikio Naruse. Collected here in a limited edition box set are some of his finest works.

I Wish tells the story of a family literally separated as elder brother Koichi lives with his mother and grandparents, whilst younger Ryu lives with his deadbeat father. The boys hear a rumour that when two trains on the near completed Kyushu line pass each other a miracle will be granted and they hatch a plan to meet and bring their family back together. Like Father, Like Son finds two families in turmoil as they discover their six year old sons were swapped and they have been raising children who are not biologically their own. Worlds apart in many ways they question their roles and nature vs nurture. After the Storm once again focuses on a separated family; the father, Ryota, a struggling writer clutching at past glory is trying to reconnect with his family following the death of his father, causing him to evaluate his relationship with his son and his own role as a father.

Featuring perfectly measured screenplays and astonishing, naturalistic performances, Kore-eda's films are moving portraits of family life that superbly demonstrate the fragility and profundity of familial bonds.


High Definition transfers of all three films

Original uncompressed PCM stereo and 5.1 DTS-HD MA audio options

Optional English subtitles

Introductions by noted critics Tony Rayns and Alexander Jacoby

Family Ties career-spanning interviews with director Hirokazu Kore-eda looking in-depth at all three films

What Would Your Wish Be? a documentary on I Wish

Interviews with the Like Father, Like Son cast

Feature-length documentary on making of After the Storm

Promotional featurettes

Music video for the main theme of After the Storm directed by Kore-eda

Making-of the Music video

Q&A footage featuring Kore-eda, Kiki Kiriin and Lily Frankie

Wrap footage from Like Father, Like Son Select scene commentary by Kore-eda and Frankie

I Wish composer Shigeru Kishida and Kore-eda in conversation

Music video for the main theme of I Wish Original trailers, teasers, and TV spots

Reversible sleeve featuring two artwork choices

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