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It Happened Here (1965) (Blu-ray + DVD)

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Ohjaus Kevin BrownlowAndrew Mollo

Pääosissa  Pauline MurraySebastian ShawBart Allison 

Tekstitys englanti HOH

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Directed by Kevin Brownlow and Andrew Mollo

'The German invasion of England took place in July 1940 after the British retreat from Dunkirk. Strongly resisted at first, the German army took many months to restore order. But the resistance movement, lacking outside support, was finally crushed. Then, in 1944, the resistance movement reappeared'.

That is the story of what happened when history was re-written. The Nazis have won the Second World War and is an army of occupation in England's green and pleasant land. Aged just 18 when, along with Andrew Mollo, Kevin Brownlow embarked on this ambitious documentary-style drama, the film took eight gruelling years to complete. The result is both a frightening and - with fears of fascism reappearing throughout Europe - a timely reminder of what might have happened if the Allies had not defeated the Nazi menace.

Special features

  • Newly filmed interview with Kevin Brownlow
  • Newly filmed interview with Production Assistant Joanna Roeber
  • Archive interview with Kevin Brownlow and Andrew Mollo
  • Original trailer
  • Stills Gallery featuring rare, previously unseen photos
  • Other extras TBC
  • Fully illustrated booklet with new writing on the film by Dr Josephine Botting (BFI) and full film credits
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