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The Libertine (1968) Blu-ray

La matriarca / Nuoren lesken eroottiset seikkailut 

Ohjaus Pasquale Festa Campanile

Pääosissa  Catherine Spaak, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Gigi Proietti

Ääniraita Italia, Englanti

Tekstitys englanti

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The Libertine is a euro-cult gem, a romantic sex comedy with a light S&M twist. When Mimi (Catherine Spaak, The Cat O Nine Tails, 1971) discovers her late husband s secret bachelor pad and sordid past, she sets out on a sexual adventure all of her own. From bored housewife to daring dominatrix, through a series of bold sexual encounters, each one more thrilling than the next, Mimi finds life as a widow much more than she could have ever hoped for. But when she meets Dr. Carlo De Marchi (Jean-Louis Trintignant, The Conformist, 1970) she discovers that the road to true love lies in finding a man who will willingly let her ride him around like a horse.

Spaak s third film for director Campanile is a beautiful ode to sixties pop culture, free love, and fetish. Now restored by Nucleus Films for its worldwide premiere to Blu-ray.

Blu-Ray Special Features

Uncensored Italian Version

Alternate American Theatrical Release

Italian and English Audio Options

Optional Subtitles + SDH

Audio Commentary with Author, Editor and Critic Kat Ellinger

Trovajoli Postlude Lovey Jon on Composer Armando Trovajoli

Fantasy, Futurism and Frivolity: Production Design in Pasquale Festa Campanile s The Libertine, a Visual Essay by Rachael Nisbet

Outtakes and Alternate Footage

Alternate English and French Credits

Original Censor Cuts

Extensive Image Gallery

Audubon Films Poster Gallery

Japanese Promo Videos

American, Italian and French Theatrical Trailers

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