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Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2199: The Complete Series (4 Blu-ray)


Pääosissa  Felecia Angelle, Z. Charles Bolton, Bradley Campbell, Shigeru Chiba Mallorie Roda

Ääniraita Japani, Englanti

Tekstitys englanti

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70,00 € (sis. alv)
1-3 arkipäivää
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Every episode of the Japanese anime based on the 1974 sci-fi series. To combat attacks from the Garmillian Empire's alien race, the human population create the Earth Defence Force. In order to save humanity from the brink of extinction two young officers Susumu Kodai (voice of Daisuke Ono) and Daisuke Shima (Kenichi Suzumura) help restore an ancient battleship, the Yamato. Accompanied by Captain Juuzou Okita (Takayuki Sugou) and a small band of officers they attempt to reach the planet Iscandar, where a device is said to exist that can restore the Earth's ecological decline. The episodes are: 'The Messenger from Iscandar', 'We're Off Into the Sea of Stars', 'Escape the Jupiter Zone', 'Gravestone On a Frozen Field', 'The Trap On All Sides', 'The Sun Sets On Pluto', 'Farewell to the Solar System', 'Wish Upon a Star', 'Clockwork Prisoner', 'Graveyard of the Universe', 'A World I Once Saw', 'What Lies Beyond', 'The Wolf from Another Dimension', 'The Whisper of the Witch', 'Point of No Return', 'A Choice for the Future', 'Out of the Forest of Memory', 'Over the Black Light', 'They're Coming!', 'Under a Rainbow Sun', 'Prison Planet 17', 'The Planet That We Head For', 'One Man's War', 'The Distant Promised Land', 'The Forever War' and 'Memories of the Blue Planet'.

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