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Eyes Without A Face (1960) (Blu-ray + DVD)

Les yeux sans visage / Silmät ilman kasvoja

Ohjaus Georges Franju

Pääosissa Pierre Brasseur, Alida Valli, Juliette Mayniel

Tekstitys englanti

DVD + Blu-ray julkaisu.

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EYES WIHOUT A FACE (3-disc Limited Edition DVD + Blu-ray)

A film by Georges Franju

Pierre Brasseur ( Les Enfants du Paradis ) is Dr Génessier, a brilliant and obsessive plastic surgeon driven by the need to restore his daughter s disfigured face and push the boundaries of his field. Aided by his loyal assistant Alida Valli ( Suspiria ), who lures young women to his secluded chateau in pursuit of his dark quest. Eugen Schüfftan's ( The Hustler ) stunning cinematography lends the chateau an almost Cocteau-esque life of its own, and Edith Scob ( Judex, ) is quite remarkable as the ravaged beauty.

Eyes Without a Face is at once cruel and tender - highlighting Georges Franju's unique blend of pulp, horror and poetry, it has, in the decades since it's release, been a major influence on filmmakers such as Jesús Franco, John Carpenter and, more recently, Pedro Almodóvar.

Special features

Presented in both High Definition and Standard Definition
Les Sang des bêtes (Georges Franju, 1948, 21 mins): a haunting and visually striking study of a Parisian abattoir
Monsieur et Madame Curie (Georges Franju, 1953, 14 mins): a study of the life and work of the Curies, told through the words of Marie Curie
La Première nuit (Georges Franju, 1958,20 mins)
Les Fleurs maladives de Georges Franju (Pierre-Henri Gibert, 2009, 50 mins): an overview of Georges Franju's career
For Her Eyes Only - An interview with Edith Scob (L P Hugo, 2014, 17 mins)
Audio commentary by Tim Lucas of Video Watchdog
Fully illustrated booklet featuring essays and full film credits

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