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Look At Me (2004) DVD

Comme une image / Huomaa minut

Ohjaus Agnès Jaoui

Pääosiaa Marilou Berry, Jean-Pierre Bacri ja Agnès Jaoui

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In This savvy, sophisticated family drama, newcomer Marilou Berry puts in a storming performance as Lolita, a sad, sarcastic teenager craving a smattering of attention from her famous father, Etienne Cassard (Bacri). 

He's a writer, but as far as she's concerned he's self-obsessed to the point of solipsism: he thinks nothing of leaving her outside clubs while he gets VIP treatment; fields phone calls during their lunch dates; and ignores her nascent classical singing career. Lolita suspects this treatment is a reflection of her appearance. She's not fat or overweight, but size-wise she's much bigger than the women that move in her father's glamorous circles; he even refers to her as his "big girl", a patronising term of endearment that makes her bristle. 

To make matters worse, other people tend to ignore her until they discover she's the "famous Etienne Cassard's" daughter. Struggling valiantly to maintain her self-esteem in the face of such pressure, she is suspicious of most people's motives for talking to her, which as a defence mechanism is working a treat, but it may also be preventing her from forming genuine relationships.

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