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The Tracy And Hepburn Collection (4 DVD)

Pat and Mike (1952) - Amor sekaantuu peliin, Adam's Rib (1949) - Aatamin kylkiluu, Woman of the Year (1942) - Tie miehen sydämeen, Keeper of the Flame (1942) - Pyhä liekki

Pääosissa Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn

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Woman of the Year: Tess and Sam work on the same newspaper and don't like each other very much. At least the first time, because they eventually fall in love and get married. But, Tess is a very active woman and one of the most famous feminists in the country; she is even elected as "the woman of the year". Being busy all the time, she forgets how to really be a woman and Sam begins to feel negleted.

Pat and Mike: The sun will sneak by a rooster before sports promoter Mike Conovan lets opportunity pass him by. So the first time he sees genteel Pat Pemberton swing a five-iron, he decides to ink her to a pro contract. For this chercest of romantic comedies, George Cukor directs, Ruth Gordon and Garon Kanin provide the Oscar-nominated screenplay and a deft cat plays various Damon Runyonesque types, including Aldo Ray as a dim-bulb palooka and Charles Buchinski as a tough guy who finds Pat tougher.

Adam's Rib: Assistant District Attorney Adam Bonner loves his wife Amanda, but doesn't care much for his opposing counsel in a sensational attempted-murder trial - an opponent who happens to be Amanda. Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn were never more evenly matched than when they brought their sharpened wits and prickly affection to this George Cukor -- directed comedy written by Ruth Gordon and Garson Kanin. Judy Holliday co-stars as the woman whose shooting of her philandering spouse becomes a feminist cause for Amanda. Hepburn generously saw Holliday's work as a screen test for casting the film of Holliday's stage vehicle Born Yesterday. Hepburn's ploy worked. So does this fine, funny movie.

Keeper Of The Flame: A determined reporter. A grieving widow. A heart-pounding tale of suspense." Spencer Tracy plays reporter Steve O'Malley who goes investigates the death of a "national hero" named Robert Forrest. He meets his widow, Christine (Katharine Hepburn) and falls in love with her. His investigation reveals that the dead hero may have been plotting to overthrow the government and suspects that Christine may have been involved. He confronts her with his evidence and "she refuses to speak out in her own defense." He doesn't know if she is innocent or not.

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