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Fritz The Cat (1972) DVD

Ohjaus Ralph Bakshi

Pääosissa Skip Hinnant, Rosetta Le Noire, John McCurry, Judy Engles, Reva Rose, Bob Holt, Fred Smoot ja Joan Gerber

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Fritz The Cat: A hilarious animated film following the sexual and other wild adventures of a "long haired" drop-out cat. A milestone in the world of cartoons - a huge critical and popular success. The Nine Lives Of Fritz: He's come a long way, baby! Fritz, now married and with a son, is desperate to escape from the domestic hell in which he now finds himself... Lighting up a joint, he begins to dream about his eight other lives, hoping to find one that will provide a pleasant distraction. The drug-induced journeys he takes include spells as an astronaut, Hitler's psychiatrist, a courier travelling in hostile territory during a race war, and as a pupil of an Indian guru living in the sewers of New York.

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