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The Stephen King - Collection (1985 - 1986) (3 DVD)

Cat's Eye / Silver Bullet / Maximum Overdrive

Ohjaus Lewis Teague, Daniel Attias, Stephen King

Pääosissa Drew Barrymore, James Woods, Alan King, Gary Busey, Emilio Estevez, Pat Hingle, Laura Harrington

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Cat's Eye: What does a stray cat have in common with a radical technique to quit smoking, the window ledge of a sky scraper, and an evil goblin? Three of Stephen King's most imaginatively terrifying tales brought to life in this chilling trilogy of short stories...

Silver Bullet: The small American town of Tarker's Mills is a place where everyone cares as much about everyone else as they do about themselves. When the Tarker's Mills tranquility is disrupted by the horrific discoveries of mutilated bodies of friends and relatives, the whole town is out for justice. A young handicapped boy, Marty Coslaw, is convinced it is the work of a werewolf. Involving his sister Jane, he uncovers the truth behind the werewolf...

Maximum Overdrive: A comet comes within range of earth and begins circling the planet. But a strange chain reaction comes to force. Suddenly, machines everywhere have become their own masters, beginning a horrifying, deathly and violent revolt against their masters. Can the shell shocked survivors escape to a place where the mad machines cannot reach them?

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