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The Mae West Collection Box Set (6DVD)

Mae West kokoelma sisältäen elokuvat She Done Him Wrong, Belle Of The Nineties, I'm No Angel, Klondike Annie, My Little Chickadee ja The Heat's On.

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She Done Him Wrong (Dir. Lowell Sherman, 1933): Lady Lou, New York nightclub owner and sometimes singer, has plenty of male admirers (and subsequently diamonds too); some she wants and others she doesn't. One of the latter, an escaped criminal, is on his way to see Lou, unaware of her dalliances in his absence. However, maybe Captain Cummings (Cary Grant) might be willing to help - once she's seduced him that is!

Belle Of The Nineties (Dir. Leo McCarey, 1934) Mae West stars as Ruby Carter, a popular burlesque singer, in this hilarious musical comedy that boasts the musical talents of Duke Ellington and his orchestra. Shifting operations from St. Louis to New Orleans, Ruby hopes to escape the attentions of prize-fighter, Tiger Kid. Settling in quick, she becomes the star attraction at 'The Sensation Club' for both the buying public and its owner, Ace Lamont; whose infatuation causes trouble with his old-flame, Molly. When Tiger steps into town for a prize-fight, Ace has a few cards up his sleeves and convinces him to steal some of Ruby's jewels. Needless to say, Ruby is much smarter than those two dummies and has a plan of her own...

I'm No Angel (Dir. Wesley Ruggles, 1933): The story begins with the bewitching Tira, who, in addition to circus acts, performs some shady business manoeuvres and takes a job as a lion tamer to escape jail. After her first show at Madison Square Garden catapults Tira to stardom, she attracts the attention of wealthy but engaged, Kirk Lawrence. But Kirk's handsome business partner Jack Claton blows his friends cover and begins a romance with Tira. This time Tira is in love for real and is devastated when a misunderstanding causes Jack to break off the affair. Serving as her own counsel, Tira sues Jack for breach of contract and takes him through a cross-examination Jack will never forget!

Klondike Annie (Dir. Raoul Walsh, 1936): Beautiful Rose Carlton (Mae West), a "kept" woman of the wealthy and possessive Chan Lo, escapes San Francisco's Chinatown on a ship bound for Alaska's gold rush territory. The ship's captain, Bull Brackett, instantly falls for Rose but she is distracted by her new cabin mate, Sister Annie Alden. Exchanging philosophies, the unlikely pair develop a meaningful friendship before Sister Annie becomes sick and dies. Meanwhile, Bull learns Rose is wanted for murder but tells her he will stand by her. Rose, in desperation, changes identities with her deceased friend and once in Alaska, is inspired to a new calling. 

My Little Chickadee (Dir. Edward F. Cline, 1940): Suspected of being in a relationship with local criminal 'the Masked Bandit', Flower Belle Lee (Mae West) is run out of town; and told she can't return until she's earn't some 'respectability' (read marriage). Setting off for calmer shores, Flower meets the con-man, Cuthbert J. Twillie (W.C. Fields); marrying each other for 'respectability' (or the bag of money on his person!). However, their destination, Greasewood City, appears to house a certain 'Masked Bandit'!

The Heat's On (Dir. Gregory Ratoff, 1943): Believing that her forthcoming musical, "Indiscretions" is destined to flop, its leading actress, Fay Lawrence, decides to leave producer Tony Ferris, to star in a revue, "Tropicana," for rival producer Forrest Stanton. Meanwhile, Hubert Bainbridge, attempts to get his niece, Janie (Mary Roche) to be a headliner in Tony's show - In spite of his moral-minded sister (Almira Sessions) wanting to close the whole thing down.

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