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Taste Of Cherry (1997) / 10 on Ten (2004) (2 DVD)

Ta'm e guilass - Kirsikan maku / 10 on Ten

Ohjaus Abbas Kiarostami

Pääosissa Homayoun Ershadi, Abdolrahman Bagheri ja Afshin Khorshid Bakhtiari

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Winner of the Palme D'Or at Cannes 1997, 'Taste Of Cherry' is a deep philosophical study about a man who is so tired of life that he wants to commit suicide. Cruising the outskirts of Tehran, Mr Badii searches for an accomplice who is willing to bury him after he is dead. He is not successful until he finally strikes a bargain with a museum guard. But before the guard agrees to the deed, he wants to know why Mr Badii is so desperate to die and how it is possible to dispense with the joys of nature, such as the taste of cherries.

Internationally celebrated as one of the most important film makers at work today, Abbas Kiarostami's road movie of self-discovery is an unexpected affirmation of the very things that make life worth living.

'10 On Ten' is an extraordinary cinema masterclass that proffers ten fascinating lessons on filmmaking by one of the world's influential directors. With a single camera fixed inside a car, Kiraostami drives across the hills surrounding Teheran - the setting for 'Taste Of Cherry' - and imparts a series of fascinating insights into his method of filmmaking including scripting, casting, and the tremendous liberating impact of digital photography. Illustrated with clips from 'Taste Of Cherry', 'ABC Africa' and 'Ten', '10 On Ten' will take you on an illuminating and inspirational journey to the heart of the creative process.

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