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Lovers of the Arctic Circle (1998) DVD

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Los amantes del Círculo Polar - Napapiirin rakastavaiset

Ohjaus Julio Medem

Pääosissa Najwa Nimri, Fele Martínez ja Nancho Novo

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Lovers of the Arctic Circle is a love story about Otto and Ana, stretching from when they were just two kids, to the abyss of Finland's arctic circle. The story goes full circle around a fleeting moment: the reflection of Otto's face in Ana's eyes.

Renowned for his stunning films 'The Red Squirrel' and 'Tierra', Juilo Medem is a master of the unexpected. In 'Lovers Of The Arctic Circle' Medem has fashioned a truly unique and unusual story of love and destiny, told in the alternating voices of the two protagonists; Ana & Otto. The paths of the two lovers first cross at the age of eight when each is running away for different reasons. From that day on, destiny, chance and coincidence conspire to keep them both together and apart, but never out of love.

As Otto and Ana discover their feelings for each other, they think they have reasons to justify their love, but as they get closer they realize that a cyclical dream of chance, near-misses and coincidence has brought them together. And their aim? To live together in a part of the world that defies justification and explanation, a part of the world where the burning midnight sun makes every day seem endless... on the very edge of the arctic circle.

Startling, quirky and deeply romantic, 'Lovers Of The Arctic Circle' is Medem's most inventive work to date.

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1 Arvostelu
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