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Coffin Joe Collection (5 DVD)

Ohjaus José Mojica Marins

Pääosissa José Mojica Marins

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Coffin Joe elokuvien kokoelma


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Unholy undertaker, sinful savant, denizen of dreams and hallucinations... a living legend amongst horror and gore fans across the world and the foremost Brazilian director of any genre, José Mojica Marins - better known to most as `Coffin Joe' - remains one of the most unique and peerless directors in the world today. With his trademark top hat, black cape and talon-like fingernails, Coffin Joe is a horror icon in his own right. Whilst as a director, Marins has an unrelentingly original and outlandishly personal filmmaking style that can only be compared to a dep

Films Comprise:

1. At Midnight I Will Take Your Soul: Zé do Caixão is a grave digger in a small Brazilian town searching for the perfect woman to bear him a perfect child. He kills his wife, who is unable to conceive a child, and sets out to find someone else who can produce a child to continue his bloodline, and thus, grant him his only chance at immortality.

2. This Night I Will Possess Your Corpse: Zé do Caixão returns to continue his quest for the perfect bride. Aided by a hunchbacked assistant he embarks on an even more brutal campaign of terror. For his sins Zé is dragged head first into the underworld.

3. Awakening Of The Beast: José Mojica Marins examines the drug culture of the 1960s in this brutally surreal exploitation flick, which the Brazilian government banned for more than 20 years. What seems to start out as a documentary - with Marins talking to doctors who've treated addicts - quickly turns fantastical as the physicians get four human guinea pigs to take LSD... and they all share the same horrifying hallucination.

4. End Of Man: A naked man comes out from the sea and begins to walk the streets, performing miracles and becoming a modern day messiah to his faithful followers.

5. Strange Hostel Of Naked Pleasures: During a tempestuous storm various people turn up at a hotel asking to stay for the night, only certain ones are allowed to stay by the mysterious owner. In the morning the guests realise their clocks have stopped at midnight, on questioning the owner they make a gruesome discovery.

6. Hellish Flesh: Dr. George Medeiros is a brilliant scientist who does not find time for beautiful wife Rachel. She falls in love with his beast friends, Oliver, and soon after the two plan to kill George and inherit his fortune. Rachel throws acid on George's face, disfiguring it. As he recovers in hospital he contemplates his plan for revenge.

7. Hallucinations Of A Deranged Mind: A psychiatric doctor is driven insane plagued by nightmarish visions of Zé do Caixão's subterranean world of bizarre horror. Under analysis it is discovered that he has a pathological fear that Zé has sexual designs on his beautiful wife and this is causing his horrific and diabolical dreams. 

8. The Strange World Of Mojica Marins: Explores the life of Brazilian cult horror director, José Mojica Marins, who has been dubbed a cross between Russ Meyer and Luis Bunuel. Combining footage from his films and interviews with the director, the documentary raises complex questions about the nature of acting and artifice and the difference between cinema and reality.

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