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The Violent Men (1955) DVD

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Ohjaus Rudolph Mate

Pääosissa Glenn Ford, Barbara Stanwyck ja Edward G. Robinson

Tekstitys suomi, ruotsi, englanti

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1-3 arkipäivää
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Glenn Ford, Edward G. Robinson and Barbara Stanwyck star in Rudolph Mate’s tough and hard-hitting 1955 western. A range war is coming to the valley. Ambitious land baron Lew Wilkison (Edward G. Robinson) and his hired guns from the Anchor Ranch have been driving other farmers off their land. Now they’ve gunned down the local sheriff and are looking to own the entire valley. Civil War veteran Captain John Parrish (Glenn Ford) doesn’t want any trouble. He’d be happy to sell out to Wilkison and return back east. But when Wilkison’s men kill one of his ranch hands, Parrish realises he has to stand his ground--and look to his guns. 

The Violent Men was Columbia Studios’ first production in spectacular widescreen Cinemascope and was originally released in Great Britain under the title of Rough Company. This DVD release features the original U.S. print, now digitally restored.

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