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Django Kill... If You Live, Shoot! (1967) DVD

Se sei vivo spara / Django - tappaja

Ohjaus Giulio Questi

Pääosissa Tomas Milian, Ray Lovelock ja Piero Lulli

Tekstitys Englanti (Italia kohtaukset)

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In the ultra-violent Spaghetti Western Django Kill!, Tomas Milian stars as The Stranger, a half-breed bandit left for dead by his double-crossing gang members, who have made off with the gold they have stolen from a US army detachment. Rising from the grave, he sets about seeking revenge, aided by a pair of mystic Native Americans and armed only with a pistol and a supply of golden bullets. The Stranger's quest leads him to a strange town known only as The Unhappy Place.
There, he finds himself plunged headlong into a bizarre world of gruesome torture, mindless violence, sexual depravity and unfathomable madness. Discovering all but one of his former accomplices have already been executed by the townsfolk, The Stranger becomes caught up in the conflict between the locals and a crazy rancher, Mr. Sorrow (Roberto Camardiel), and his band of muchachos, all of whom are desperate to lay their hands on the missing gold.

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