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War Collection volume 3 (3DVD)

Ohjaus Jack Lee, Lewis Milestone & Sam Peckinpah

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1. The Wooden Horse (Dir. Jack Lee, 1950)
A true story of 3 POWS escape and subsequent attempt to reach neutral Sweden, having used a vaulting horse as a front for tunnel digging!
2. They Who Dare (Dir. Lewis Milestone, 1954)
British troops are trying to get into enemy territory - a small Greek island that is home to two airfields from where the Luftwaffe are launching deadly air attacks on Allied troops in North Africa. With the help of some Greek patriots, the soldiers set out to attack the airfields having first to navigate their way through the many enemy troops.
3. Cross Of Iron (Dir. Sam Peckinpah, 1977)
1943: a German platoon suffers heavy bombardment from surrounding Soviet troops as they try to affect their withdrawal from Russia: knowing that defeat is inevitable, their only goal is survival.

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