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The Early Hitchcock Collection (1929) (9 DVD)

Blackmail (1929), Champagne (1928), Murder! (1930), The Ring (1927), Farmer's Wife (1928), Rich & Strange (1931), Skin Game (1931), Manxman (1929), Number Seventeen (1932)

Ohjaus Alfred Hitchcock

Pääosissa Anny Ondra, John Longden, Herbert Marshall, Norah Baring, Carl Brisson

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This special boxset brings together some of Hitchcock’s early gems for the first time. The Ring, Champagne, The Farmer’s Wife & The Manxman have been fully re-mastered and feature Brand New and Exclusive Soundtracks. Other key extras include an alternative ending to Murder!, scenes from the original, silent version of Blackmail, and a documentary on Hitchcock’s early work, featuring Claude Chabrol and Bernard Eisenschitz.

Born in London in 1899 and Jesuit educated, Alfred Hitchcock’s first job was with an electrical company where art school training enabled him to draw technical advertisements. He subsequently designed title cards for silent films when he joined the fledgling industry in the early ‘twenties.

Hitchcock rapidly acquired a thorough grounding in all aspects of early film making, including writing, design and direction. From the age of sixteen he had taken a serious interest in cinema and found himself most influenced, both technically and visually by the early masters of silent film; Griffiths, Murnau and Fritz Lang.

Alfred Hitchcock directed his first feature film, The Pleasure Garden in Germany in 1925 and received immediate critical acclaim. By the age of twenty-seven with several successes behind him he was regarded as one of the mot promising young film directors in all Europe, with a reputation for being a patient, polished, highly intelligent director who showed more subtlety and imagination in his work than most of his contemporaries.


1. Blackmail (1929)
2. Champagne (1928)
3. Murder! (1930)
4. The Ring (1927)
5. Farmer's Wife (1928)
6. Rich & Strange (1931)
7. Skin Game (1931)
8. Manxman (1929)
9. Number Seventeen (1932)

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