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Tarzan Collection Starring Mike Henry And Jock Mahoney (5 DVD)

Tarzan Goes To India, Tarzan and The Great River, Tarzan and The Valley Of Gold, Tarzan's Three Challenges, Tarzan and The Jungle Boy

Pääosissa Jock Mahoney, Leo Gordon, Mark Dana, Mike Henry, Rafer Johnson, Aliza Gur

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TARZAN GOES TO INDIA(1962)No need to land the plane when Tarzan flies to India. Just fly over an inland lake and the loin-clothed hero will leap into its blue depths! Jock Mahoney, who two years earlier portrayed Tarzan's foe in Tarzan the Magnificent, makes his splashy debut as Tarzan in this tale about the Ape-Man's rescue of elephants who will be doomed when a newly built dam unleashes its waters. John Guillermin (Tarzan's Greatest Adventure, The Towering Inferno) directs, combining colorful subcontinent locales with battles large and thunderous (massive bull elephants), small and fierce (cobra versus mongoose), cunning and treacherous (Tarzan against human foes). No matter where the jungle, there is but one jungle lord!

TARZANS THREE CHALLENGES(1963) "No stranger from Africa can turn the course of our destiny." But never underestimate a stranger named Tarzan (Jock Mahoney). Over miles and obstacles, he will lead the young heir to Thailand's spiritual throne to his ordination and undo warlord Khan's (Woody Strode) plot to secure the title for his son. First however, the Ape-Man must prove to the heir that he is Tarzan by passing tests of skill, strength and wisdom. Ahead lies a still greater challenge: Tarzan vs. Khan in a bungee-jumping, sword-clanging, flame-dancing death duel! This second and last of Mahoney's Tarzans (filmed to colorful effect in Thailand) was not without real-life challenges: illness caused Mahoney to lose 40 pounds from his taut, athletic frame.

TARZAN AND THE VALLEY OF GOLD (1965) When authorities ask Tarzan what he'll need to pursue a crime kingpin and his commandos through the wilds of Mexico, the Ape-Man requests only a good knife, a sturdy rope and some soft leather to fashion into a loincloth. "Casual but practical," he explains to the astonished officials. It's a new day for fans and for the jungle lord when ex-NFL linebacker Mike Henry grabs the vine for the first of his three portrayals of a Tarzan who has one foot in the power-suited, briefcase-toting urban world and another in the untamed wilds. This new action hero will need all his skills - from relying on animal instincts to commandeering a tank - in this adventure that ends with an explosive showdown in an uncharted city filled with gold.

TARZAN AND THE GREAT RIVER (1967) An ancient killer cult lives...and many people die! Under the leadership of charismatic Bacuna (Rafer Johnson), the murderous tribe has resurfaced, pillaging Amazon River villages, kidnapping inhabitants and enslaving them at Bacuna's secret enclave. Can Tarzan stop this relentless reign of terror?

As in his previous Tarzan and the Valley of Gold, Mike Henry plays the role of a reimagined Tarzan who is similar to a globe-trotting superspy and equally at ease in a suit or loincloth. Sidekick chimp Cheetah joins the adventure (filmed in scenic Brazil), as does a companion lion named Baron. Not to missed is the mano-a-mano finale between ex-NFL linebacker Henry and Olympic decathlon champ Johnson.

TARZAN AND THE JUNGLE BOY (1968) Tragedy left a boy orphaned and alone, forced to fend for himself in the jungle wilds. Over the years he survived and thrived, growing in strength, skill and mastery. Sound like a hero you know? He's the elusive teen the natives call Jukaro, and only someone who's been through the same improbable experience can track and find him. For the third and last time, former professional-football linebacker Mike Henry offers a reinterpreted Ape-Man who's accustomed to both the civilized world and the wild. He's a man of action in either realm and action is at the forefront as his search for Jukaro leads to conflict with a fierce territorial warrior (Olympian Rafer Johnson, who also battled Mike Henry's Tarzan in Tarzan and the Great River).

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