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Roger Corman - Collection (6 DVD)

Collection of six films from the acclaimed master of low budget moviemaking, Roger Corman. Includes FIVE GUNS WEST, GUNSLINGER, HAUNTED PALACE, PREMATURE BURIAL, THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH and WILD ANGELS.


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Five Guns West: Given the choice of death or deadly mission, five convicts agree to hijack a stagecoach carrying a traitor and $30,000 in gold. Braving hostile Comanches, deceit and a rivalry brought on by the presence of a beautiful, cunning woman (Malone), the men deftly set up their ambush. But when their uneasy alliance dissolves, the only thing any of the men can trust... is his own six-shooter!


Gunslinger: After her husband is shot, Rose Hood takes his place as the Sheriff of a small Western town.


Haunted Palace: When Charles Dexter Ward arrives in Arkham he is instantly disliked by the local townsfolk because he is the descendant of an evil warlock who placed a curse on the town before he was burnt at the stake. Their fears of him are soon justified when the spirit of his evil relative starts to take over his body.


Premature Burial: The fear of being buried alive has had a hold over Guy Carrell all his life, and to try and overcome his fear he opens his father's tomb. Only to be shocked into a catatonic state and have his worst fear realised.


Masque Of The Red Death: A Satan-worshipping Prince invites several of the local nobility to his castle for protection against an oncoming plague but they get much more than they bargained for when during a masked ball a strange figure appears who is believed to be the Devil.


Wild Angels: Peter Fonda and Bruce Dern play two Hell's Angels whose wild lifestlye eventually catches up with them.

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