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Straight to Hell - Death and the Compass (2 DVD)

Straight To Hell - Suoraan helvettiin (1987)

Ohjaus Alex Cox

Pääosissa Sy Richardson, Joe Strummer ja Dick Rude

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Death And The Compass (1992)

Ohjaus Alex Cox

Pääosissa Peter Boyle, Miguel Sandoval ja Christopher Eccleston

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Kahden Alex Cox elokuvan paketti.


Straight To Hell:

A team of inept hitmen (Sy Richardson, Joe Strummer and Dick Rude) oversleep on the day of their big job and find their target has already fled town. Fearing reprisals from their boss (Jim Jarmusch) they pull a bank job and escape into the desert with Richardson's pregnant girlfriend (Courtney Love). When their car breaks down they seek shelter in a ghost town inhabited by the McMahons (The Pogues, Biff Yeager), a murderous and incestuous clan of gun-crazy coffee addicts.

Death And The Compass:

In a totalitarian metropolis of the future, Erik Lonnrot (Peter Boyle), a gifted detective, investigates a series of strange murders and disappearances that seem to implicate the insane crime lord Red Scarlach. Enlisting the help of Alonso Zunz (Christopher Eccleston), a principled journalist, Lonnrot believes that he has uncovered a labyrinthine occult conspiracy. However, has the investigator's brilliance merely precipitated his own destruction?

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