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The Dual Project: 2LDK and Aragami (2 DVD)

Ohjaus Yukihiko Tsutsumi & Ryuhei Kitamura

Pääosissa Maho Nonami, Daisuke Kizaki, Eiko Koike, Takao Osawa, Masaya Kato, Kanae Uotani, Tak Sakaguchi ja Hideo Sakaki

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This DVD features two films from Yukihiko Tsutsumi and Ryuhei Kitamura who were challenged by Shinya Kawai to each create a feature length movie, with two principal actors, battling in one setting, and filmed entirely in one week.

2LDK (Dir. Yukihiko Tsutsumi) Aspiring actresses Nozomi (Koike) and Lana (Nonami) belong to the same talent agency, share an apartment, and have just auditioned for the same part in a film called Yakuza Wives. Nozomi is a country girl who has come to Tokyo with big dreams of becoming an actress, while Lana's sharp tongue and flashy appearance is completely at odds with soft spoken, demure Nozomi. Waiting for the phone call that will decide their future, petty arguments escalate into hysterical violence, bringing the girls' hatred of one another to the surface as they confront the reality of their empty, unfulfilled lives.

Aragami (Dir. Ryuhei Kitamura) (2003): Two seriously wounded samurai find refuge from a storm at an isolated temple, the home of a swordsman and a mysterious young woman.

One samurai awakes to find that not only has his comrade died, but that his wounds have miraculously healed. He discovers that he has been given the power of immortality by the swordsman, a man once known as the legendary Miyamoto Musashi, who now lives an endless existence as Aragami, a "god of battle".

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