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Ideal : Kausi 1 (2 DVD) (Johnny Vegas)

Ohjaus Dan Zeff

Pääosissa Johnny Vegas, Sinead Matthews, Nathalie Gumede, Nicola Reynolds, Tom Goodman-Hill, James Foster, Ben Crompton, Seymour Mace

Tekstitys englanti HOH

15,00 € (sis. alv)
Toimitus 1-2 vko
1-2 vko
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Moz has been dealing drugs for over twenty years from his small bedsit in Manchester which he shares with his girlfriend, Nicki. But despite his chosen profession, Moz is a man of principles - he deals only in the best quality marijuana and nothing else. He is providing a crucial service to the local community, which pretty much extends as far as his closest friends: Kuldip, an Asian DJ and police constable who is also Moz's chief cannabis supplier; Jane, the childminder from hell; Brian, a camp scally who seems to have a new boyfriend every week and a man who always wears a cartoon mask, simply known as 'Cartoon Head'.


1. The Rat
2. The Seduction
3. The Boyfriend
4. The Affair
5. The Backpacker
6. The Party
7. The Pregnancy
8. The Body

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