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Ideal : Kausi 3 (2 DVD) (Johnny Vegas)

Ohjaus Dan Zeff

Pääosissa Johnny Vegas, Sinead Matthews, Nathalie Gumede, Nicola Reynolds, Tom Goodman-Hill, James Foster, Ben Crompton, Seymour Mace

Tekstitys englanti HOH

15,00 € (sis. alv)
Toimitus 1-2 vko
1-2 vko
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Moz and the gang are back in series 3 of Ideal!

Things aren't going well for Moz... He's broken his leg, girlfriend Nicki has moved in along with baby Sanjeev, his ex-girlfriend Tania is the baby's health visitor and is stealing from him, his Mum is trying to flog health drinks to all his customers, and his ex-necrophiliac neighbour has got a job in a funeral parlour and is bringing her work home with her! But Moz's problems really begin when landlord Mr Rupani arranges for builders to redecorate the flat. The foreman Alan is a hard-line born-again Christian. When he asks why Moz receives so many visitors, Moz lies, claiming he is also born again and people are coming to him for advice. Unfortunately, Moz finds it increasingly difficult to sustain the illusion. And when Alan finally figures out Moz is a drug dealer, he turns from Good Samaritan to Messianic monster and threatens to destroy Moz's entire world...

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