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The Harold Lloyd Collection Box Set (9 DVD)

Ohjaus Fred Newmeyer, Sam Taylor ja Leo McCarey

Pääosisa Harrold Lloyd

Mykkäelokuvien sarja sisältäen elokuvat: The Milky Way, Why Worry?, Dr. Jack, Feet First, The Kid Brother, Hot Water, Speedy, Grandma's Boy, A Sailor Made Man, For Heaven's Sake, Movie Crazy, Welcome Danger, The Freshman

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Safety Last (1923)

Harold Lloyd's most-famous comedy features him as a sales clerk in a department store who finds himself hanging off the hands of a collapsing clock on the side of a skyscraper high above the streets of downtown Los Angeles. Harold's legendary building climb is breathtaking-and hilariously funny-at the same time. What is even more amazing is that the sequence was achieved without any rear-screen projection or special effects. Lloyd was just as high above ground as one sees him in the film. The fourth-and best-of Lloyd's five famous "thrill" comedies.

Girl Shy (1924)

Harold is a shy tailor's apprentice who has a pronounced stutter and is afraid of girls. He spends his lonely evenings writing a book called The Secret of Love Making until he is galvanized into action when he discovers that the girl he loves (Jobyna Ralston) is about to marry a bigamist. What follows is arguably the greatest race-to-the-rescue sequence of the entire silent cinema. The film's ending was the inspiration for Mike Nichol's The Graduate (1967) over forty years later. One of Lloyd's most influential and important films.

The Cat's-Paw (1934)

Born to an American missionary in China, Harold comes back to the USA as a total innocent and finds himself accidentally involved in a ferocious war between local Chinese tongs. The town politicians see him a perfect tool and he is persuaded to run for Mayor.

The Milky Way (1936)
Timid milkman, Burleigh Sullivan (Lloyd), somehow knocks out a boxing champ in a brawl. The fighter's manager decides to build up the milkman's reputation in a series of fixed fights and then have the champ beat him to regain his title.

Why Worry? (1923)
Harold plays wealthy hypochondriac Harold van Pelham, who travels with his private nurse (Jobyna Ralston) to the fictious island of Paradiso to live blissfully in a warm climate in order to regain his health. In Paradiso, he finds himself in the middle of a revolution.

Dr. Jack (1922)
Harold plays Dr. Jackson (Dr. Jack for short), a small-town doctor who is a friend to everyone and eager to help.

Feet First (1930)
Harold plays Harold Horne, an ambitious Honolulu shoe clerk determined to make his way into the ranks of high society. He becomes a stowaway aboard a ship while masquerading as a successful businessman, and manages to be accidentally flown to shore by seaplane while hiding in a mailbag.

The Kid Brother (1927)
The Kid Brother is Harold Lloyd's masterpiece and Lloyd's favourite of all his films. Harold is a country boy who is the "Cinderella" of the Hickory family. Shy and bespectacled, his wit and ingenuity are not appreciated by his physically robust but none-too-bright father and brothers.

Hot Water (1924)
A hilarious domestic-life comedy begins with Harold with an armful of packages and a live turkey on a streetcar, followed by a disastrous spin in his new car with his in-laws, and ending with haunted house-type thrills provoked by his mother-in-law (Josephine Crowell).

Speedy (1928)
Grandma's Boy (1922)
A Sailor Made Man (1921)
For Heaven's Sake (1926)
Movie Crazy (1932)
Welcome Danger (1929)

The Freshman (1925)
Harold Lloyd's most popular comedy is arguably his funniest film. Harold plays college freshman Harold Lamb who longs to be the Big Man on Campus. His metamorphous from college zero to college hero in the climactic football game is one of the high points of silent film comedy.

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