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Bloody Mama (1970) DVD

Verinen Mamma Barker

Ohjaus Roger Corman

Pääosissa Shelley Winters, Don Stroud ja Pat Hingle

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Bloody Mama is another shameless, unforgettable, midnight movie classic directed by the legendary Roger Corman. Written by Robert Thom (Death Race 2000, All The Fine Young Cannibals) it stars Hollywood veteran Shelly Winters (Alfie, The Poseidon Adventure) along with cult favourites Bruce Dern (Silent Running, Rebel Rousers), Scatman Crothers (The Shining, Hong Kong Phooey) and an early performance from superstar Robert DeNiro (Mean Streets, Taxi Driver).

It's depression era America and the infamous Ma Baker and her hillbilly brood of demented, psychopathic sons are trailblazing through the Midwest, making Bonnie and Clyde look like Richard and Judy. Rape, murder, kidnapping, robbery, drug abuse and incest are amongst their twisted family values. They're an unstoppable gang of lethal trash inhabiting a dark, dangerous world of sordid crime and limitless depravity. But with the F.B.I on their trail, their sadistic reign is about
to end in an explosive massacre. Always entertaining, relentlessly shocking and somewhat unsettling, the true story of Bloody Mama is one of Roger Corman's most notorious creations.

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