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Elizabeth Taylor TCM Classic Movies (4 DVD)

Butterfield 8/The Sandpiper/Father Of The Bride/Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

Elizabeth Taylor kokoelma.

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It's fairly common knowledge among movie buffs that Elizabeth's off screen life often mirrored what was going on in her latest film, and this four film's included in this set exemplifies that. In FATHER OF THE BRIDE we get Taylor as a bride as she was simultaneously walking down the aisle for the first time in real life. CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF and BUTTERFIELD 8 (and the original marketing behind both) display Elizabeth's sizzling sexuality onscreen as the Eddie-Debbie-Liz triangle played out in the headlines, while THE SANDPIPER the Burtons, the two most famous adulterers of the 1960s have an affair onscreen. This would make for a decent introduction to the career of the late Elizabeth Taylor, or for the casual fan. If you already own these films on DVD, this release offers no new extras, and therefore there is no incentive to buy this set.

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