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Shameless Sexploitation Boxset (3 DVD)

Papaya dei Caraibi - Love Goddess of the Cannibals (1978) / La bimba di Satana - Satan's Baby Doll (1982) / La bestia nello spazio - The Beast In Space (1980)

Ohjaus Joe D'Amato, Mario Bianchi, Alfonso Brescia

Pääosissa Sirpa Lane, Marina Hedman, Melissa Chimenti, Maurice Poli, Mariangela Giordano

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Horror, sex sirens, satanic rituals & sci-fi monsters have never been so wild and depraved as they are in this BBFC-baiting, mind-frying, definitive collectors 3-discs-boxset of shameless sexploitation. Join Shameless in their celebration of unadulterated, adult-rated Sinema - featuring erstwhile-arthouse sex symbol Sirpa Lane, notorious porn-diva Marina Hedman and trash movie queen Mariangela Giordano, and adorned by extra footage previously only available in XXX versions.

Specially commissioned booklet and boxset artwork

Disc 1 - THE LOVE GODDESS OF THE CANNIBALS You'll Die of Pleasure!
When big business decides to build a nuclear reactor on ancestral Caribbean land, it is up to Papaya, sex siren, Voodoo priestess and blood crazed Cannibal to seduce and kill those who threaten the ancient way of life of her People... Until she meets Sara (Sirpa Lane), a journalist hungry for a lead who will soon be sucked into a vortex of perverse, violent carnality and Sapphic lovemaking in this Eurocult classic from the wikedly dissolute mind of sleaze & sex-maestro Joe D'Amato.

Disc 2 - SATAN'S BABY DOLL When the Devil Calls, She Comes ...
Somewhere in a castle... a self-gratifying nun looks after delicious teen Baby-Doll and her wheel-chair bound brother and rounds off her duties with torrid sex with their mother, an insatiable nymphomaniac. This mundane debauched family atmosphere is shattered when Mum is murdered by her depraved, drug-addled husband. Barely buried in the crypt, Mum's evil spirit possesses the teen who embarks on a frenzied rampage of incestuous sex and murder. In order to prevent the slaughter of all those who stand in the way of Satan's Baby-Doll, the nun will commit the ultimate sacrilege...

Disc 3 - THE BEAST IN SPACE In Space No One Can Hear You Come!
Sci-Fi has never been so wild and depraved as it is in this sex mad intergalactic saga starring Sirpa Lane who had previously shocked the world in the notorious art-house porno THE BEAST. She now returns in this mind-warping space-sequel as a woman forced to submit to the carnal lusts of an horrific space monster in a movie which defines Trash Cinema in a riot of space disco insanity and Sci-fi oddness replete with eye scorching special effects, mind scrambling aliens, cunning stunts and twisted eroticism.

Special Features
- Shameless Rebuild with extra footage, previously only available in XXX version
- Alternate scenes comparisons
- Mariangela Giordano Bio adapted from Alan Jones & Mark Ashworth text
- Italian Audio with optional English Subtitles for Disc 2 & 3
- The artwork of this collectible edition has been exclusively created for Shameless by top British illustrator Rick Melton

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