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Katalin Varga (2009) DVD

Ohjaus Peter Strickland

Pääosissa Hilda Péter, Norbert Tankó ja László Mátray

Tekstitys englanti

Suurelle yleisölle tuntemattoman Peter Stricklandin debyyttielokuva Katalin Varga on kaunis ja kiehtova kuvaus kostosta ja anteeksiannosta.

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1-2 vko
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Katalin Varga (Hilda Peter) has been married for nearly eleven years when her husband abruptly throws her out of the house after learning he's not the biological father of their son Orban (Norbert Tanko). The grim truth is that Katalin became pregnant after a long and brutal rape, and in order to win back her husband, she has to find the men who attacked her. With Orban in tow, Katalin returns to the Carpathian countryside which was once her home and she hasn't seen since the assault. Katalin encounters Gegerly (Roberto Giacomello), who was involved in the crime, and after luring him into a compromising situation, she explodes into violence and murders him. Katalin next sets out to find Antal (Tibor Palffy), the rapist, to mete out similar punishment, but before she can track him down Antal befriends Orban, and Katalin is taken aback when she realizes the man who violated her has not only charmed her son, but has a wife (Melinda Kantor) and children who love him and depend on him. Katalin Varga was the first feature film from writer and director Peter Strickland.

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