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The Definitive Ealing Studios Collection: Complete Collector's Edition (16 DVD)

Ohjaus Alberto Cavalcanti, Charles Crichton, Alastair Sim, Robert Hamer, Alexander Mackendrick, Charles Frend ja Henry Cornelius

Pääosissa Tommy Trinder, Stanley Holloway, Mervyn Johns, Jack Warner, Alec Guinness, Peter Sellers, Herbert Lom, Cecil Parker

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16. Ealing Studio elokuvien kokoelma, katso pitkä kuvaus.

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Ealing Studio's output from the 1940s and 1950s helped define what was arguably the golden age for British cinema, fostering great directors such as Alexander Mackendrick and Rober Hamer and giving stars such as Alex Guiness and Peter Sellers a chance to shine.

The films (16 discs); Kind Hearts and Coronets The Ladykillers The Lavender Hill Mob The Man in the White Suit The Magnet Passport to Pimlico The Titfield Thunderbolt Whisky Galore Champagne Charlie Dead of Night The Maggie Scott of the Antarctic Nicholas Nickleby Went The Day Well It Always Rains on Sunday

1. Champagne Charlie (Dir. Alberto Cavalcanti, 1944)
2. Dead of Night (Dirs. Alberto Cavalcanti & Charles Crichton, 1945)
3. Hue & Cry (Dir. Charles Crichton, 1947)
4. It Always Rains on Sunday (Dir. Robert Hamer, 1947)
5. Kind Hearts and Coronets (Dir. Robert Hamer, 1949)
6. The Ladykillers (Dir. Alexander Mackendrick, 1955)
7. The Lavender Hill Mob (Dir. Charles Crichton, 1951)
8. The Maggie (Dir. Alexander Mackendrick, 1954)
9. The Magnet (Dir. Charles Frend, 1950)
10. The Man in The White Suit (Dir. Alexander Mackendrick, 1951)
11. Nicholas Nickelby (Dir. Alberto Cavalcanti, 1947)
12. Passport To Pimlico (Dir. Henry Cornelius, 1949)
13. Scott of The Antarctic (Dir. Charles Frend, 1948)
14. The Titfield Thunderbolt (Dir. Charles Crichton, 1953)
15. Went The Day Well? (Dir. Alberto Cavalcanti, 1942)
16. Whisky Galore (Dir. Alexander Mackendrick, 1949)

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