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Germany Year Zero (1948) DVD

Germania anno zero / Saksa vuonna nolla

Ohjaus Roberto Rossellini

Pääosissa Edmund Moeschke, Ernst Pittschau ja Ingetraud Hinze

Tekstitys englanti

Restauroitu julkaisu. Mukana myös L'amore (1948).

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Newly restored version of Roberto Rossellini's closing part of his celebrated War Trilogy. Amidst the ruins of Berlin in the immediate post-war years a young boy, Edmund, attempts to support his family. This devastating portrait of an obliterated post-war Europe remains one of the most affecting films in the history of cinema.

This new DVD edition includes L'Amore (1948), Rossellini's two-part anthology film which proved hugely controversial on its original release. The first part was co-scripted by Rossellini and Federico Fellini and stars Fellini as 'Saint Joseph', who villainously impregnates 'Nanni'(Anna Magnani), a disturbed peasant who believes herself to be the Virgin Mary. The second part is based on Jean Cocteau's play La voix humaine.

Special features

  • Newly restored presentations of Germany Year Zero and L'Amore
  • L'Amore (Roberto Rossellini, 1948, 70 mins): anthology film with sections written by Jean Cocteau and Federico Fellini, and starring Anna Magnani
  • Illustrated booklet with film notes and complete credits
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