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Secret Army - The Complete Series (1977 - 1979) (12 DVD)

Maanalainen armeija

Ohjaus Gerard Glaister

Pääosissa Bernard Hepton, Angela Richards, Juliet Hammond-Hill, Ron Pember, Jan Francis

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Devised and produced by Gerard Glaister (Colditz, The Expert, The Brothers), the award-winning BBC series SECRET ARMY is a gripping and authentic portrayal of the lives of a group of Belgian resistance members and their German oppressors during the Second World War. Often remembered merely as the inspiration for the comedy series ’Allo ’Allo!, it is high time that this excellent drama series was re-appraised on its own undoubted merits.

Apart from its superb cast and excellent plotting, SECRET ARMY's strength is its firm foundation in fact. The lead characters are based on people who really existed and many of its exciting storylines on events that actually took place. Their dramatisation is deftly executed by a dedicated production team who undoubtedly make this series one of the BBC’s most unforgettable dramas.

Principal Lifeline operatives include: café and restaurant owner Albert Foiret (Bernard Hepton); his mistress Monique Duchamps (Angela Richards); young waitress and guide Natalie Chantrens (Juliet Hammond-Hill); founder of the line, Lisa ‘Yvettet’ Colbert (Jan Francis); British Flight Lieutenant John Curtis (Christopher Neame); wily forger Max Brocard (Stephen Yardley); doctor Pascal Keldermans (Valentine Dyall); and radio operator Alain Muny (Ron Pember). Their formidable German opponents include: head of the Gestapo in Brussels, Sturmbannführer Ludwig Kessler (Clifford Rose); and Luftwaffe Majors Erwin Brandt (Michael Culver) and Hans Dietrich Reinhardt (Terrence Hardiman).

This DVD box set of the highly acclaimed digitally remastered BBC drama contains the complete collection of Series 1,2 & 3.

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