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Young Frankenstein (1974) Blu-ray

Frankenstein Junior

Ohjaus Mel Brooks

Pääosissa Gene Wilder, Madeline Kahn, Marty Feldman

Tekstitys Suomi, Ruotsi, Englanti HOH

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1-2 vko
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An affectionate parody that pays homage to the 'Frankenstein' films (from the novel 'Frankenstein' by Mary Shelley) directed by James Whale in the 1930s, 'Young Frankenstein' is both a zany comedy and cinematic tour de force. Written by director Mel Brooks and the star of the film, Gene Wilder, 'Young Frankenstein' has all the usual - and in this case slightly unusual - suspects: the reluctant scientist Frederick Frankenstein, who is actually the grandson of the infamous creature-creator (pronounced Fronken-steen), his spoiled fiancee, Igor the pop-eyed hunchback, his dizzy assistant, the castle's hideous head housekeeper, and, of course, the Monster. And then there are the sets the original ones used in the Whale films the beautiful black-and-white cinematography, and the fine screenplay. Combining noirish elegance with uproarious sight gags and double entendres is a feat Brooks pulls off fabulously, directing the wonderful ensemble to act with sensitivity and humanistic feelings as well as with lunatic abandon. 'Young Frankenstein' is a treat from beginning to end.

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