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Lon Chaney Collection (6 DVD)

He Who Gets Slapped / Mockery / The Monster / Mr. Wu / The Unholy Three / The Unholy 3

Lon Chaney elokuvien kokoelma.

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LON CHANEY: THE WARNER ARCHIVE CLASSICS COLLECTION Lon Chaney was the king of the character actors and single-handedly created the role of “horror star.” This collection celebrates his career, showcasing his powers at their peak. One man. One thousand faces. Six classic films. HE WHO GETS SLAPPED (1924) Lon Chaney alongside Norma Shearer and John Gilbert. MOCKERY (1927) In a striking performance, Chaney proves his talents were not confined to prosthetics and makeup. THE MONSTER (1925) Lon Chaney plays the monstrous Ziska, who gathers candidates for his eerie experiments by causing roadway accidents. MR. WU (1927) Lon Chaney essays dual characters as the sage Grandfather Wu and his grandson, the mandarin Mr. Wu. THE UNHOLY THREE (1925) Chaney plays a ventriloquist who teams with a strongman and a dwarf to embark on a life of crime. THE UNHOLY 3 (1930) In his last film – and only Talkie – Chaney re-creates his famed Silent role, the scheming ventriloquist Professor Echo.

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